Shamon Williams


About Me

Hi there! I'm Shamon (pronounced like Michael Jackson's Shamone!) and my pronouns are she/her.  A Floridian at heart, I went to the University of Central Florida, where I earned a BS in Psychology and a BA in English. Currently, I'm an poetry MFA candidate with a Graduate Teaching Assistantship. I'm here to tell stories, yours and mine. As a writer and a trained voice actor, I know all the nuances necessary to breathe life into word.

What do I write? My poetry and nonfiction consists of interesting and necessary conversations through my own or relatable experiences about religion, sexuality, womanhood and the African American experience. In my fiction, I aim to represent Black people in fantasy. 

What will I voice? Commercial, radio, E-learning, explainers, corporate narration, branding, spoken word, sizzle reels, video game and animation characters.




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